Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey: Smuggled toxic shoes from China cause health hazard

Shoes smuggled from China to Turkey seem to be the cause of health concerns after complaints were received someone suffered a rash and skin empurpling on her feet after wearing a pair of shoes. The lady noticed whenever it rained; the polish of her shoes ran and left her feet red. The resultant painful rash left her in hospital. The shoes are now being examined in laboratories and public authorities believe these are part of a batch smuggled into the country and later found to contain toxic chemicals. An estimated 25,510 pairs of shoes containing harmful chemicals were smuggled through Turley and according to customs officials carcinogenic chemicals were detected inside the polish of the 33,000 pairs of shoes. The confiscated shoes it would appear went missing while being taken to a disposal facility in the province of Kocaeli. The incident has angered consumer unions over negligence in the customs process. Authorities have warned against the purchase of cheap priced shoes in markets.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rubber tire shoes

Omni United Tires are recycling their tires into the outsoles of Timberland® shoes. Special compounds in the rubber allow it to be ground up and processed into sheets that are sent to Timberland factories around the world where it will be attached to shoes.

Shoe Making: The Sandal - London College of Fashion Short Courses

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kenneth Cole and the world's largest high-heeled shoe

Kenneth Cole partnered with Today Show contributor Jill Martin to create the world's largest high-heeled shoe. The shoe was unveiled on the Today Show and is modeled after The Kenneth Cole New York Otto, a polished-leather lug sole bootie from the fall 2014 collection. It stands at 6 feet, 1 inches and is 6 feet, 5 inches long. The shoe, built by Izquierdo Studio , a costume and prop design atelier, took nearly 400 hours to create and required five and a half hides, as well as 3D printing to craft the buckle and clasp which measured over a foot long. The team partnered with the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a non-profit charity that works closely with all areas of The Madison Square Garden Company. Four children from the foundation collaborated with Izquierdo Studios to bring Cole's vision of the shoe to life. The shoe will be showcased at the shoe floor of Lord & Taylor NYC.

Vintage Sleaze: The Great Stockings Riots of 1946!

Vintage Sleaze: The Great Stockings Riots of 1946! Black Friday f...:

A 1946 club card for fashion hosiery. Like most objects, a little thing can tell a BIG story! Since it happened some some seventy years ago, it is unlikely many of the followers here will recall the event. If you do fall in the "extra mature" category of leg fans, this post will bring back nightmares.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Crocs are go

Callum Robertson-Barnes lost his running shoes on a school bus, so he ran 21.1km in a pair of black, slightly dirty Crocs. Callum managed to finish 10th out of more than 1200 people in one hour, 23 minutes and three seconds. He was pleasantly surprised at the Crocs' performance. The straps kept them on, and there was only one blister. Fellow race entrants and Callum's mates greeted his impressive effort with a mix of head-shaking amazement, or observations that he was slightly mad.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Powerlace auto-lacing shoe

Thirty years after Back to the Future II sold the world on the concept of an auto-lacing shoes they are here, finally. A startup called Powerlace in St Hubert, Canada has created a shoe that they claim will pave the way for a paradigm shift in the shoe industry. The company's system uses a pressure plate in the heel to tighten shoes and a level at the lower rear end to release them, with an adjustment puller near the tongue. Powerlace co-founder Frederick Labbé tells Gizmag thought there had to be a better, more efficient way to do it, and seven years ago started tinkering with ideas. After studying traditional methods of shoe manufacturing rhey went through dozens of prototypes, starting with existing shoes that were modified then later building their own from scratch. They developed a mechanism which uses highly-resistant cables to hold the foot in the shoe. Inserting the foot triggers the mechanism, which locks into place at a tension level set by a pull tab on the outside upper section. The tension in the laces can be adjusted separately, too, by moving the lace lock. A thermo polyurethane sole serves as support for the mechanism as well as anchor for the lever that unlocks the mechanism, while the tongue opens right out once pressure is released from the laces. The team has tested the system up to 200,000 lacing cycles, which if it stands up to real-world use would mean the mechanism could operate without a hitch for 68 years if used four times a day.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shoes - a journey through our lives and identities: Thinking Allowed (BBC)

Shoes - Islamic Youth Culture in Western Europe Shoes - a journey through our lives and identities. From 'brothel creepers' to perilous stilettos, our choice of footwear changes and evolves over a life time. Laurie Taylor talks to Victoria Robinson, Reader in Sociology and Director of the Centre for Gender Research, Sheffield University.

Hockey, J., Dilley, R., Robinson, V. and Sherlock, A. (2014)The temporal landscape of shoes: a life course perspective The Sociological Review, 62: 255–275 doi: 10.1111/1467-954X.12154.