Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Foot Fetishism demystified

Always been difficult to be sure, but experts' guessitimate is about one third of one percent of the male population between the ages of 17 and 55 who could be classified as foot fetishists. In the UK that would be about the equivalent to filling the new Wembley Stadium, 7 times over (estimated capacity 90,000). Being turned on by feet is not something men might have cause to complain about to their doctor; after all, you would not find many men complaining of getting an erection. So no one really knows the real number of foot lovers around.

Conventional opinion prefers the majority of foot fetishists are male but there are also some female footies too. Being partial to feet, legs and boomsa-daisy is not at all odd, but very common indeed among the general population. Finding feet attractive is not unnatural and most people who accept their partialism (pre or post coital), can relate this to an early childhood experience. This might be quite innocent such an infant crawling on the group and recognising adults by their shoes or stocking feet. When an early sexual experience involving feet shoes or legs takes place surprisingly, many individuals retain an attachment throughout their adult life as part of their love map. It is only when the foot or shoe (restifism), become more interesting than their owners and the preoccupation represents the sustained and complete object of desire, would fetishistic behaviour be categorised as paraphilia (abnormal sexual behaviour).

To non-fetishists, the idea of attraction to an inanimate object is quite ludicrous. An opinion not shared by the fetishist who endow their favourite properties on to the object as well as projecting their sexual longings, needs and feelings, and all for a variety of different reasons. Fetishism is not intrinsically logical and psychologists believe foot fetishists have blocked their natural means of sexual expression to seek a comfortable substitute on which to project their often exaggerated desire. The attraction of the foot cannot, except in very bizarre circumstances, be regarded as an object of sexual attraction but for those who admire it, the answer lies in its shape and intrinsic odour. General smallness and delicacy of the female foot is thought to be a major sexual attraction of the foot. Neat feet symbolise the basic concept of femininity, a certain vulnerability which appeals to men.

Elmer Batters was not a foot fetish but instead a talented photographer in the 1940s who became artistically preoccupied with feet and legs. His vision of a lady began at the tips of her toes and ran to the tops of her hose. His studies of legs feet and toes have become modern art collector’s pieces. In the 70s (tease era) he ran a small magazine called Leg Art.

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