Saturday, April 21, 2018

Looting Chic and Chavs

Something had to replace the ugg in the fashion world of the high fashionista. Australian Uggs definitely established boots 21st century style across the globe and like thongs, were effortlessly removed so the fast set traveller could skip swiftly through security checks and still express the beauty of their feet and leg equally as well. Uggs will remain good sellers although not enjoy the zenith a vogue dictates.

The new queen of the feet for a short time anyway, was Mukluk boots. The Aboriginal North American Eskimo boots are made from sealskin with soft fur on the outside, and pom poms. There is no doubt the power of endorsement is influential in marketing and among many champions, fashion doyans Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Beyoncé, and WAG, Coleen Rooney (née McLoughlin). Coleen, is a new breed of celebrity a WAG (wives and girlfriends of sporting people). She is the spouse Wayne Rooney (Everton)

Before they settled down to married life the tabloid press latched on to their oft-troubled relationship. The intrusion of the paparazzi turned Coleen into a fashion icon. Fashion cynics were quick to described the young WAG as to style what a bicycle repair kit is to a Formula One car. She was portrayed as a shopaholic whose undiscerning accumulation of expensive clothes earned the term "looting chic". With typical random attire of a Dolce and Gabbana puffa jacket, tight Juicy Couture jeans and Mukluk boots, what was once perceived as a ghastly combination, was quickly copied on the street. The fashion industry followed closely behind her because the whole luxury market because the new IT was about accumulating possessions and putting them together without any subtlety. The younger Ms Coleen McLoughlin was a master of the art, and some might say the 'Mrs. Malaprop of fashion'. She caused a furore (maybe it should be fur-o-ray) with her comments regarding her Mukluk boots which are made from rabbit skins. The fashion doyen was quoted as saying "Why waste the (rabbit) skins after all they are killed for food," which caused a backlash from the animal rights lobby. It takes seven rabbits pelts to make the skins for a pair of faux Mukluks.

Most of the fashion boots are made in China, which is the biggest exporter of fur clothing and the largest fur trade production and processing base in the world. The absence of restrictive welfare regulations and abundance of cheap labour mean animal and human rights are not a priority in the pursuit of profit. Animal activists are convinced tens of thousands of animals are being held in conditions of terrible suffering and die in a horrendous way. According to figures from the British Fur Trade Association selling furs in the UK brings in more than A$230 billion and an increasing proportion of that is made up of rabbit. The fashion fad for Mukluk boots registered fur was back in fashion.

Sections of the UK Press are class ridden and the middle class press is keen to marginalise an underclass in their reporting style. They reintroduced the term ‘Chav’ to describe people (usually women) classified, as ignorant, mindless violent and with very bad dress sense. The term Chav is almost certainly from the Romany word for a child, chavi, recorded from the middle of the nineteenth century. Modern connotation has it as an acronym for "Council House and Violent" or "Chelsford Average". I am amazed how influenced newspapers still are in moulding the English lexicon.

The typical female chav has a love of flashy gold jewellery (hooped earrings, thick neck chains, sovereign rings and heavy bangles, which all may be lumped together under the term bling-bling); the wearing of white trainers (in what is called "prison white", so clean that they look new); clothes in fashionable brands with very prominent logos; and baseball caps, frequently in Burberry check, a favourite style. Hair also comes into the stereotype and a ‘council house facelift’ a euphemism for dyed hair tied back in an ultra-tight bun. The older Chev wears skirts too short for their mottled blue thighs, and exposes too much of their distressingly flabby midriffs".

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