Friday, May 11, 2018

We are seeing beings

The foot is a sensitive tactile organ and according to anthropologists has played a major role in the evolution and development of other erogenous features of the human body. The unusual structure of the human foot made upright posture possible and bipedal stance has influenced the anatomic development of buttocks and bosoms; legs and thighs, as well as tummies and hips.

Segment Freud considered the development of upright stance led to display the primary and secondary sexual characteristics. In no other living creature is this so overt and indeed frontal copulation is a coital position unique to human beings. The Victorian physiologist reasoned as a species, humans had no need to develop a sense of smell because there were greater benefits in perfecting sight. The upright position allowed hands to be developed and some authorities consider from this the human brain was able to become more complex. The expansion and elaboration of the brain followed the development of the foot.

Foot and shoe fetishism is common with much attention given to high heels this is referred to as acalciphilia; a leg fetish is known as crurofact; foot fetish a podophilia; and restifism a refers to a shoe fetish.

Because the foot is the only part of the body to make contact with Mother Earth, many connections between fertility and reproduction can be found. For example, the Zuni women (North American Indian Tribe New Mexico famous for the rain dance) keep the soil of their husband’s footprint where they sleep believing this will dampen their spouse’s sexual urges and ensure their fidelity. In the middle ages, grooms would keep their feet on their bride’s shoes to assure a lifetime of compatible and productive physical union.

In Spain and Mexico young ladies throw their shoes at matadors for his favour. Traditionally bull fighters were female. An old French tradition is the bride keeps her bridal shoes to assure a lifetime of compatible and productive physical union. Many cultures consider the foot and big toe as phallic symbols. Toe kissing and foot sucking feature in the Kama Sutra.

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Reviewed 11/05/2018

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