Sunday, May 20, 2018

Beauty Parlours and Pedicures: Are they safe?

The humble pedicure has become a favourite pastime of the leisure class. Blissful treatments that pamper the feet with velvety lotion, soothing massage, pretty polish and warm, sudsy water swirling around each and every toe are going done well in high streets and elsewhere. Pedicures have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, according to the International Spa Association. The foot treatments are one of the spa industry's most requested services after massages, facials and manicures. Summer and winter customers average a pedicure every two months.

Massage of the 7,200 nerve endings in the feet, not only soothes the old plates of meat but also relaxes the whole body. Foot messages are so popular nearly 26 percent of spa clients are men. Now men are traditionally reluctant to show their feet to anyone so the pedicure must have something. Perhaps it’s because they get a longer massage in lieu of a nail polish. Popular variations include a foot scrub in salt water with a foot wrap and sent to recline in a leather chair which features built-in message rollers. This stimulates blood flow and makes you feel just fabulous.

Nail Salons have blossomed of late and many offer pedicure services but only a few specialize in foot masks or an extensive massage. Nail Salons do offer top to tail beauty management of nails and nail painting, just ask for a French Pedicure they are very popular. Nail sculptors can rebuild damaged nails and if this is impossible, cosmetic fake nails offer undetectable repair to anyone other than the most discerning expert.

Now that pedicures are on the rise, consumers need to be aware all necessary precautions are being taken by the management to prevent cross infection. With clients sharing facilities all equipment and foot spas need to be sanitized. Shared facilities like foot baths harbor harmful microbes like bacteria and fungus and these may pass from client to client. Some clients are reported to bring their own pedicure tools with them (clippers, nail files, pumice stones, etc.) to reduce the risk of infection. This may be safer than share contaminated equipment but quality salons should guarantee all has equipment is either single use or has been sterilized since the last recorded. Use. Always check the salon employs trained technicians, often their certificates are proudly displayed. Good salons display a mission statement as a form of consumer quality assurance. This short document often displayed in the waiting area contains all the reassuring information a client needs to make an informed contract with the establishment. Well worth looking for.

Beauty therapy does offer a cosmetic alternative pedicure but for those with abnormally thickened nails, infection or corns and callous, it is best to visit the podiatrist. All the same health and safety conditions above apply, and if you ask nicely, your podiatrist will give you a soothing massage too.

Rusunen A P 2004 TOE-riffic: Pedicures are a popular way to relax while putting your best foot forward

Reviewed 20/05/2018

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