Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The health benefits of looking at curvy cleavage

No much wonder high heeled shoes retain their perennial position in fashion when you consider German research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Apparently staring at women's breasts is good for men's health and makes them live longer. Seems a ten minute ogle per day is as healthy as half an hour aerobic session in the gym. Lowered incidence of heart disease and slow pulse rates were found in the study group exposed to a daily eyeful. I knew I went to the ophthalmologist for something.

It has already been established sexual excitement increases heart rate which in turn improves the circulation. The authors believe regular exposure to the charms of busty ladies reduces the risk of stroke and heart attacks by half. In real terms this is the equivalent of extending males life span by four or five years. So you can look forward to the new season of heels because as we know the wearing of high heels can alter the pitch of the spine thrusting the bust forward and the buttocks backwards. High heels are considered to make even the average bottom look more pert, round and trim. Buttocks protrude by 25% just by wearing the ankle breakers.

Effects on the posture have been studied and the change in the body's centre of mass causes the back to curve, breasts to jut forward, the buttocks to hike up and the legs to look and sexy. The calves and ankles appear shapelier and the arches heave from the shoes. The Ancient Greeks wrote of the swaying and writhing of the female body during walking as an erotic excitation called periproctian. The Egyptians had dancing girls known as awalim and their vocational interests interests alternated between erotic dancing and prostitution. From early times dance was associated with amatory and sexual manifestations. The association is manifest in ancient temple worship, and examples are found in Greece, Middle East and in India. The ancient Romans in the early centuries frowned upon dancing, especially women, as they considered it an erotic, licentious, inducement. Later Ovid recommended dancing to all girls who were in love.


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