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Feet and shoes: In your dreams

According to authoritative sources we all dream. Some dreams are more vivid than others and some more memorable. However, a common theme involves the foot and the significance is wide and varied.

Walking barefoot with torn garments means disappointment with expectations, and bad influences hovering over efforts for advancement. Walking with a stagger means you are too influenced by flattery and to see others do the same, infers a cry for help. The dream of seeing many feet walking along a pavement, heralds material loss.

Boots too, appear in our dreams. If you see a pair of boots on another, your place will be secured in the affections of your sweetheart. If you wear a pair of new boots, you will be fortunate in business. Seeing yourself in old foreworn boots foretells sickness and trouble. If you dream of removing boots with a bootjack, then this means easy living is predicted.

New shoes foretell short journeys. Shoes that are old and uncomfortable are a sign of home relaxations and good friends. To dream of losing one of your shoes prophesies new activities that will come to naught. To throw an old shoe at a wedding is a sign that you will have family worries.

Wearing galoshes in a dream is a forerunner of being able to save a considerable sum of money. If they are too large for you, the forecast is even better, but if they leak and allow your feet to get wet, you are in danger of being called to account for some sin of omission.

Wearing comfortable sandals predicts a romance by moonlight. If they chafe your feet this foretells of an altercation with someone to whom you owe a small amount of money.

The dream of a shoemaker working at his last is an omen of finding someone who will be able to finance a business deal for you.

Putting on stockings portends the beginning of an adventure that is likely to lead to a profitable contract for services. To find a hole in your stockings is a sign that you will have to explain an absence from duty. To mend stockings is an omen that will give you satisfaction but no financial reward.

If you dream about hanging up your stocking at Christmas, you will have many friends but not much money.

To dream of callous on hands or feet predicts a new and unusual kind of work ahead. To dream of corns on your feet is a sign that scandal mongers are seeking to ruin your reputation. Pain felt from a bunion in a dream is a sign of definite comfort in old age. To dream of having a podiatrist attend to a bunion is to look forward to improved financial circumstances. If you dream you are a podiatrist, then look out you may receive news that may disgust and at the same time amuse you. Dreaming about cutting your own corns with a razor or knife is the sign of the loss of money or friends.

To dream of bathing the feet foretells a pleasant relief from anxiety. If you dream about seeing your own feet, it means that your position is insecure. Looking at your own bare foot in a dream is a sign that you will laugh before you cry and suggests that you should cultivate the habit of looking on the bright side of life. Seeing the barefoot of another signifies a new acquaintance who will prove to be an excellent friend. If the foot is deformed, you will hear disturbing news.

Stocking feet announce a mystery, with shoes on them, they point to new experiences in the company of the opposite sex.

If someone stomps on your foot, you are warned to guard your tongue lest you get into trouble. To see a person or thing that is not normal is an omen of a pleasant outcome to something that has worried you. When a person suffering from physical affliction features in the dream this is a forecast of good health.

Gout foretells postponement of a long anticipated visit of old friends. It is also a warning to cut down on consumption of alcohol. Rheumatism is a warning not to fall down on any promises you have made. Bow legs mean you should look to your own comfort. Dreaming of disease may be a regarded as a warning but not necessary an unpleasant prophecy.

If ankles fair in your dreams, then this is what they mean. A broken or injured ankle is an omen of a loss of money. A sprained ankle foretells an approach by a committee who will ask you to run for office. A man dreaming of women's' ankles means a love affair is pending. To dream of being feted with chains, ropes or conditions predict a new and successful love affair.

If you dream you cannot remove your foot from the accelerator, this is a warning against vices such as gambling and drinking.

A dream of a Sagittarius (the Patron Saint of Surgical Shoe makers) means you will be shocked by news of one of your acquaintances.

To dream about playing football in front of spectators, well you are in for a large sum of money. If the dream is about witnessing a game of soccer you are warned against making friends too easily. If you dream of athlete’s foot you should guard against conspiracies against competitors.

Dreams: hidden meanings and secrets London: Greenwich Editions 1987.

Reviewed 13/06/2018

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