Thursday, December 14, 2017

Foot gifts at Christmas time

How many of us wake up Christmas morning only to open presents we don't want, don't need and sometimes absolutely detest? Our nearest and dearest have hocked themselves just to buy the latest craze and although it's the thought that counts, this is small consolation. In the top ten of unwanted gifts after Christmas is a foot spa. What seems a great idea for a loved one before the festive season quickly becomes an unnecessary chore and soon the footbath finds itself, gathering dusk in the back of a dark cupboard. Take yourself to a new year trash or treasure sale and I can lay money on it, you will see at least one unwanted foot spa for sale. Pity really because they can be great fun and very satisfying.

The combination of heat and electricity in small doses has a directive sedative effect on the nerves responsible for pain. Invigorating massage increases the local circulation, relaxing even the most tired of feet. Sounds good, well the next time you have your feet in a basin of look warm water throw in a handful of health salts and you will get the general picture.

Superstitious people will never give shoes for Christmas gifts, which is not so strange really since we all know how difficult it is to find a pair of comfortable shoes for ourselves let alone others. An old wives tale is if you give a friend a new pair of shoes then they are sure to walk away from you. Probably best then to stick to slippers or sandals as gifts this Festive Season. There are plenty to choose from. A visit to your local Pharmacy will leave you totally bewildered at the current range of thongs (sandals).

Socks, tights and nylons can be a bit boring as gifts but there are plenty fun items around which are sure to liven up everybody's Christmas Day. For practical reasons when buying such items, always a good idea to know the right size, of course. One size items are no problem but if in doubt buy a bigger size and keep the receipt. The most inspired foot, or in this case, sock related gift I could find was called "Little Feet" sock pairers . If you have ever experienced the frustration of losing a sock then this is your lucky Xmas. One clever inventor has come up with an idea of keeping socks together whilst they are in the washing. Based on the design of tea towel holders, 'Little Feet" have proved a great idea for those of us frustrated by finding one sock in the pair. Alternatively, for the executive in the family with everything, a personalised pedicure set seems appropriate. There are several to choose from, and the market ranges from the cheap and cheerful to the gold plated collector's range.

A perfect gift for the Christmas baby is a baby nail kit.

Back to the adults and there are several 'adult toys' which help bring out the animal in us all. Textured wooden massage implements which would look more at home in a torture chamber are widely available for "hitting the right spot". Combined with the right oils you are guaranteed to give your partner hours of endless fun. Just don't tell the wife!

Something to avoid is callous removers, tempting as knives or machines designed to scrape the skin may be these can damage the skin surface. Some people living with diabetes for example may have lost the feeling in their feet, and are unaware of cuts and tears in the skin until they become infected. Your money may be better spent on a gift voucher for podiatry assessment.

For those of us who find it difficult to reach the outer limits, our worries are over because the perfect gift of a long shoe horn is out there and ready to fill your stocking. The pedal extremities will never look so good.

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