Monday, February 27, 2006

Flip Flop Castanets

If ever a shoe got a name from the noise it made then the flip flop is without doubt onomatopoeic. Part of the fun of wearing them is the sound they make which varies with each wearer and gives a distinction to individuals. It is certainly a variation on intimate apparel, but the decibel level is rarely sufficient to transgress noise abatement. Flip flops, thongs to Australians, are enjoying a fashion renaissance in the US this summer. The association between shoe and the noise it makes dates back to antiquity when Kapkaps were worn.

These were high clogs associated with ceremonial dress and worn by the woman of coastal areas of Asia Minor, Syria, and Egypt, from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Kapkap was a high platform worn by Turkish women in the bathhouse. It may be part of the allure of the shoe was the noise it made.

The distinctive percussion heralding the approach of your favourite person would be welcome to some and reassure the wearer she was ‘trucking right’. That may be why flip flops in the US are ace and available for the beach to the bedroom with even white bridal thongs, are hot sellers.

Experts tell us there is a thirty year cycle in fashion and the return to “Love and Peace man” is not a minute too soon. The “let it all hang out man”, expression for the feet has come with the usual sophistication of the age and having a pedicure is as essential as the shoes themselves.

Over 90% of fashion doyen’s in New York bare their tootsies and not all it is reported have the perfect feet. So the return of the thong has seen an interest in the development of corn cures (not a day before time). The source for the thong craze, some call in the US, ‘the new little black dress’ is from Brazil where Havaianas are available in every colour and made in all kinds of material, accessorised with costume jewellery.

Some of the silly thongs are even scented, fresh with the tang of lemon. Sequinced and beaded Indian flip flops are the perfect footwear to compliment the resurgence of bohemian fashion (the boho look).

To the uninitiated boho is the gypsy, ethnic or peasant style. Flip flops can be worn with jeans or skirts. It may be a coincidence but the flip flops’ swing from geek to chic follows the fashion for toe rings, foot tattoos and highly decorative nail polish.

Who started the fad were Brazilian Gisele Bundchen and Venus Williams, two flip flop fashionistas. Fashion doyen, Jo Lo prefers strolling about in her $24000; 18 carat gold feathered flip flops, as you do. A gift apparently from her hubby, Marc Anthony.

Now, there is always someone ready to spoil others enjoyment and the ‘can can women’ or ‘castanet girls’ are about to be silenced, thanks to a new invention which secures the thong and heel together. The motivation for such an innovative step was to reduce nose so as not interfere with listening to the iPod.

Reviewed 3/12/2016

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Anonymous said...

i love to worship the feet of a lady tap dancer after she has tap danced, especialy in stockgined feet. it's a combination of
the sound she makes with her tap shoes in stockinged feet. a odor develops after she has tapdanced, then removing her high heeled tap shoes that aroma comes out and she smothers me with her tired stockinged feet. it's a rush