Monday, February 20, 2006

Shoes: Show me the way

Bette Davis was not the first to recognize the function of the big toe, but she is reputed to have christened it “an instrument for finding hard objects in the dark.” Well had the Hollywood Siren lived she would have been delighted at a new innovation in footwear.

Brightfeet™ Lighted Slippers were invented by Doug Vick after he got up in the middle of the night and bumped into the bedpost. He realized there were probably millions of people who had experienced the same thing, and began to work on a product that would allow safer night passage. Now thanks to Doug nocturnal experience shufflers can easily move hands free around a darkened house. Brightfeet™ Lighted Slippers are nightlights for your feet. According to the manufacturers they are ideal for night time trips for both kids and adults. They light up shoes contain weight sensors which alert the LED in each slipper to activate. Each LED is angled upward for projection of light. The light sensor alerts LED to come on in darkened conditions and prevents the LED from activating in lighted conditions. The shoes are powered by 2 replaceable lithium batteries included in each slipper. The bright LED illuminates an area 20 to 25 feet in front of the slippers. The light continues after removing the slippers with a built-in timer to delay the LED shut-off. This conveniently allows time to make your way safely back to bed.

Team GB athletes’ stole the show at Rio 2016. when they wore flashing deck shoes at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony. The shoes were charged using a USB port and flashed in red, white and blue for up to four hours.


Personally I use my Dr Who sonic screwdriver for nocturnal trips but maybe I will be able to get a pair of Brightfeet™ Lighted Slippers for my birthday.

Reviewed 26/11/2016

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