Sunday, February 19, 2006

Welly Chic

Billy Connolly had much to say about Wellington boots (Gum boots) and their association with low socio economic groups but seemingly the tide has turned and now galosh, Wellies are worn by those and such as those.

Apparently the choice of "welly" reveals more about personalities than previously thought. Australian (a rural dating agency) commissioned a study on feet and more particularly what people wore on them. In the country wellies are common place and since the arrival of Madonna in rural England, the English Look took a fashion boost. Wellies according to this research speak volumes about their wearers and provide some valuable personality clues for prospective partners. “Welly-types" fall into several categories include:

Royalty like Kate Middleton prefer ultra-expensive brands such as Le Chameau . These people tend to be “high-maintenance."

The traditional "farmer's wife" is likely be spotted in non-slip Nora boots; and the fashionista label lover prefers Emilio Pucci printed wellies to paddle in the puddles.

The famous and popular Hunter brand (green wellies) continues like the Barbour and Dry as a bone attire as marks of wealth, whether inherited or earned.

Hunter wearers are outgoing and gregarious people. The average Hunter wearer is thought to be unpretentious persons who live, work and spend leisure time outdoors and in the countryside. The Hunter wellington seems to be the rubber boot of choice for the glitterati and scores highly with the fashion-pack, such as Stella McCartney and model Lily Cole.

The market is of course flooded with inferior copies for wannabees.

Fashion pattern Wellingtons tells much about the wearer with the more way out patterns preferred by attention seekers. Bright colours and designs mean outward personalities can express themselves even on a wet day. Welly boot chic is big business with both long and short boots incredibly popular.

Apart from the renaissance of the English Look the increasing popularity of open air venues like Glastonbury mean the A-listers need to prepare for all weathers and wellingtons have become the must-have accessory for music festivals and concerts.

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