Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wicked Shoes: How many have you got?

It appears UK woman spend an average £31,000 (A$ 78,000) on shoes during their lifetime, according to research. From a survey of women, 44 per cent said shoes were their biggest weakness, and 86 per cent claimed to buy at least one new pair a month, according to Churchill Home Insurance. A third of those polled said they had 25 pairs of shoes in their wardrobe, and around 1.3 million women claimed to have well over 30 pairs. Not surprisingly one in five women said they hide their purchases from their partner, while 22 per cent lied about how much they had spent. Today’s Ms Jones, according to another survey commissioned by the Family Planning Association, is as likely to wear whatever she wants and be as proud of her career achievements as her drinking consumption and prowess in the bedroom. Submissive men need only apply. The Stepford husband syndrome is spreading according to the same survey and 60% of males polled felt inadequate. The new feminism is due, according to the FPA, to contraception. The Alpha women obviously like to put their feet down and although country walks have always been popular, there has been a resurgence lead by Queen Alpha girl herself and Anglophile, Madonna.

In her swirling skirt and cardigan with hair curled just so, the 46-year-old singer has embraced the genteel English countrywoman within. The Preppie Look is back for men too. For feet, Argyle socks and penny loafers are business. Not since the 80s have we seen this regal style of retro English Look so popular in the glamorous 30s.

The history of the penny loafer, so popular in the 50s as the image of cool was originally a Norwegian version of the moccasin introduced in 1936 and called the “Weejun”.

The lucky penny goes back to the belief if you carry a lucky penny then you will never be short of money. In males, weejuns are squared to give a dressier look but the new look is available for both men and women and new colours breaks with the classic brogue of yesteryear. Woman shoes are in pink, white, or lime green. British wellies have also become the new fashion for trendies in the States.

The current craze started on the catwalk, courtesy of designers Emilio Pucci, Burberry and Marc Jacobs, but the garden set has been in on the scene for decades.

Fashion wellies are probably a spin off from homes and gardens lifestyle tv, and fans are as keen to be seen green fingered in rain boots of style in their garden, with the full confidence when they are finished, a quick tuck of their designer jeans into their wellies and throw on a trench coat and they could be on the cover of Vogue. Garden boots are the perfect accessory when planting flowers, washing the car or managing the mud because of their waterproof material and easy cleanup. Comfort is a byword in the too-cozy cotton lining and soft rubber soles which help keep feet warm and cushioned during unpleasant conditions, including bad weather, the ever-unpleasant squat when pruning the roses or washing the dog.

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