Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bowling Shoes: The real fashion icon

Who could forget Roger Daltry ( lead singer of the Who) before he found Kickers, wearing fabulous bowling alley shoes,(like me) as King of the Mods. I had French lacing on mine.

Ten pin ath-leisure comes in the form of soft leather uppers, usually two tone, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. The fashion vogue of the sixties re-emerged briefly in crossover fashion for both genders. Somewhat of a concern to the owners of Ten Pin Bowling Alleys because there has been a marked increase in the number of reported shoe thefts, where patrons have just wandered away wearing the special rental shoes.

There is just something about the sleek, sensible, two-tone oxfords that transcends the usual rules of fashionability. Of course once you have the comfortable shoes then you need the rest of the retro ensemble and the bowling inspired fashionista were being photographed wearing gallous outsized shirts, monogrammed with first names and or cheesy logos. In recent years high-end designers such as Prada, McQueen and Gucci have sent bowling-inspired fashions down runways in Paris and Milan.

Resurgence in bowling fashion has not necessarily come with a renaissance of Fred Flintstone’s favourite game and Bowling Alley businesses are not enjoying a wave of popularity despite the fashion blip.

Kings of cool fashion are being spearheaded by popular sit-coms and gangster soaps like ‘The Sopranos’, where the full figured man, is dressed to kill, literally.

One other reason why the bowling inspired shoe has become the focus for male fashion may be because of the incredible popularity of skateboarding shoes. Whilst youth finds these essential, their parents want the fashion crossover because they just look so cool.

We won’t get fooled, again !

Reviewed 16/12/2016

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