Saturday, March 18, 2006

Cyclists the secret is in their feet

Scotland’s Commonwealth Games cycling champion Chris Hoy and Olympic Gold winner , took delivery of a special new pair of cycling shoes on the just before taking off for Australia. The cyclist has always complained his over shoes are uncomfortable and he cannot wait to take them off after competition. The new shoes are made of carbon and were moulded to the shape of his feet. The shoes cost £550 ($1400 Aus) and were perfect in every way, save one small detail. Embroidered on the heel of the shoe was Hoy's name or it should have be. Unfortunately “Chris Hay" is what it actually says. A good Scotsman never to be put off by a minor glitch when it comes to a bargain blackened out the offending letter. Chris has become used to press typos in his career and is commonly as Craig McLean. Craig is one of Chris’s rivals in the Scottish Team. One reason he wanted his shoes clearly marked was for the benefit of short sighted journalists coving his events. Chris won a bronze in the 1000m Tine Trial (1:02.071). The 33 member strong Australian Cycling Team to contest the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.The women’s road team includes Alexis Rhodes , has made a courageous comeback to top level competition after suffering horrific injuries in the German road accident last year, has also been named. Alexis, a student of podiatry, epitomises the character of the great Australian sportsperson and has dedicated her Commonwealth Games campaign to her late friend, Amy Gillett. Rhodes, Gillett and four other Australian cyclists were training in eastern Germany last year when an out-of-control car struck them. Gillett was killed, Rhodes was placed on life-support with chest injuries, and three other cyclists were also taken to hospital. Alex from the Adelaide Hills township of Kersbrook was on life-support for several days after the July 18 crash. Alexis Rhodes displayed immense courage taking ninth place, just eight months after she was seriously injured in Germany and the cycling track witnessed one of the most emotional moments of the Commonwealth Games last night, when Alexis Rhodes rode out for the 25kilometre points race to a standing ovation to celebrate what Australians have called “the most courageous comeback in sporting history”.

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