Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jimmy Johnstone 1944 - 2006

Jimmy Jinky Johnstone was one of the Lisbon Lions and although just a wee man he was a giant soccer hero to thousands and thousands of fans of the beautiful game. Jimmy played for Celtic and Scotland and was the master of the tanner ba' being able to turn on a sixpence. Jimmy learned his trade on the streets of Glasgow, perfecting his balance and poise suffice as a professional player he could roll and twist or jink to the absolute delight of half the crowd and the pure disdain of the opposition supporters. Tommy Docherty , ex manager of Manchester United and Scotland was once asked to comment on what it was like to manage Jinky Johnstone. His reply was you don’t bother Jimmy with game tactics, just give him the ball and wait for it up the other end to be delivered to your feet or head. Off the park the wee man had his demons and liked too much of the singing syrup and eventually his health deteriorated. Sadly the gifted player fell victim in his mature years to motor neurone disease and despite a brave fight he succumbed and passed away on Monday 13/03/06.

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