Saturday, March 11, 2006

Keep your socks on big foot ?


Sexualisation of the female foot has a long linage and has been associated with times in history when epidemics of sexually transmitted were prevalent. Scientists are baffled as to the reason why this was so and have come up with a couple of ideas to potentially explain why small feet are sexier than big feet.

Sexual dimorphism in foot size may lead society to view small feet as feminine and large feet as masculine. By this token small female feet index youth and nulliparity (never having carried a pregnancy), evolution may have favoured the male preference to select an appropriate mate to procreate.

Researchers put the theory to the test and used a series of line drawings that varied only in regard to relative foot size. They invited groups for nine cultures to comment on what they found most attractive. Small foot size was generally preferred for females, while average foot size was preferred for males. The researchers concluded their results provide preliminary support for the hypothesis that humans possess an evolved preference for small feet in females.

Big feet or not it appears people find it easier to orgasm when they keep their socks on according to Dutch researchers. Cold feet are one possible reason for not achieving your best in the boudoir. For female reduced anxiety aids the passage to ambrosia, whereas men have been more difficult to understand since their pleasures are but brief. As been suspected for centuries men think through their genitals or at least the brain reacts to the information conveyed from their pelvic region. All mental effort is focused and cold feet detract seriously from the matter at hand (or not as the case maybe).

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