Saturday, March 25, 2006

Laces for Chucks: Changing phases

Traveling to and from work on a train as I do, I was delighted to see many school kids have different coloured shoe laces with their trainers. The fashion is not new however and before “chucks” were made in a variety of colours kids chucks often substituted different coloured shoe laces to customise their chucks. The colour of the laces reflected team colors or just the desire to have a different look.

Over the years according to the Chuck Connection, the style of chuck shoelaces has changed. Until comparatively recently shoe laces were stretchable and flat tube like. Different lengths were available with 54 inches long for the standard eight eyelet high top and 52 inches long for the standard seven eyelet low cut. Wearers could use the elasticated lace for narrow or broad lace options.

By the nineties the Converse changed their laces to a flat narrower single layer shoelace which does not stretch and was only available in 52 inches lengths. The new style laces made it more difficult to lace up through the eighth eyelet. This meant many wearers went without which became a fashion statement. Later 54” laces became available again when Converse moved their manufacture to Asia.

Now 63” single braid laces are available with new pairs of eight eyelet high tops. Now there are original chuck laces available and oodles of information and on how to lace your chucks is available at The Chucks Connection

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