Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sex and Soccer

Sex and soccer, I cannot think of two better pastimes. However like business and pleasure the two should never be mixed and these very sentiments are being expressed by the Berlin authorities who are warning the soccer faithful to curb their sexual urges when in the country for the FIFA World Cup later this year. Crowds of beer-swilling alpha males in search of celebration or commiseration will head for the nearest red light district and hefty profits are eagerly anticipated by Germany’s sex industry. Armies of sex workers dedicated to satisfy the needs of libidinous fans during the month-long 2006 World Cup are in training in the red light districts of the 12 host cities. Madams and owners of “knocking Shops” across Germany are busy recruiting extra prostitutes especially in the cities where the 64 games are to be played. Surveys have put the number of full or part-time prostitutes working in the sex industry at approximately 400,000 people. Prostitution is legal in Germany and sex workers get health insurance, have union protection (Verdi ) and pay into a pension plan. Concerns have been expressed by authorities that as many as 40,000 women could be smuggled into the country to work as sex slaves during the World Cup. More than 20 campaigns, using posters, flyers and cinema spots, will be launched across Germany to boost awareness of the problem of forced prostitution. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), there are 15,000 victims of trafficking work in Germany at any given time with an estimated 90 percent ending up in the sex industry. It is very hard to establish how many women are forced to work as prostitutes. Most do not report it as they are afraid of retribution from pimps or of being forced to return to a life of poverty at home, but many of the known cases have come from eastern or central Europe.

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