Monday, March 13, 2006

Trainers Galore

It happens a lot more frequently that is reported but when it thousands of trainers are washed up on a beach it becomes news worthy, Last week the Terschelling Island (a Dutch protectorate) was festooned with thousands of trainers when they were washed up on a beach. Like in Sir Compton McKenzie’s Whiskey Galore a ship, Monfriaan, got into difficulty in heavy weather off the coast and some its containers and their contents were washed overboard. The locals were quick to find a matching pair from the flotsam and jetsam. Police made no effort to stop people taking goods from containers that had broken open. There was no reports of Birkenstock sandals being found but they certainly float. Ungraciously described as petrified kippers strapped unceremoniously to the feet. Birkenstocks was founded by a cobbler in Langenberg, Germany (1774). In 2004 the annual turnover was estimated at £344 million. Seems there has been a rift in the company and Christian Birkenstock (co director) has taking his ex wife Susanne Birkenstock to court to prevent her from advertising her new range of shoes Beautystep , by cashing in on the famous family name. Who says flip flops are boring? The ultra fashionable this summer can support their national team by wearing thongs (for the feet) in the national colours of their soccer team competing in the FIFA World Cup.

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