Saturday, April 22, 2006

Boots are a cummin

Wedges may be taking the main stage this spring but lurking in the wings are knee high boots. Colourful, flat-heeled boots with embroidered embellishment definitely make these boots made for fashion. The best dressed will own several pairs of boots for the multiple look. From wellies (gum boots) to uggs, the fashionista will have boots, boot, boots wherever they go. We are assured by experts, winter knee high boots are not a retro style harping back to the seventies or eighties but instead a new trend with a wide variety of boot styles in fashion all in the one season. The tall black boot with the stiletto heel remain a classic look, while the wedge heel so popular on sandals this season is thought to carry over to boots this fall. Wedge heels will range from heights just a 1/2-inch triangular sliver to an elevated 3 or 4-inch pie-slice a perfect partner for jeans either tucked in or left out also with slim pencil skirts, capris or culottes. The new look, flat boot resemble riding boots with equestrian buckle and strap details, decorative patterned inlays, combined fabric and leather uppers, or grommet and metal biker bits. The stacked heel boot (made from many layers of leather) often designed with a round toe makes a high and mighty footwear statement and will be much to the fore. The boots are embellished with bling like wrapped buckles, side bows, shiny metalics, textured reptilian skins and wool and leather combinations. The cowgirl boot style with its destinctive braided, tooled and jewelled western styles will blend horsey with hip, especially when worn with curvy spiked heels. The recent popularity of the Mukluk will endure and fashionable fur boots will raise the feathers of animal-lovers like fashion designer, Stella McCartney. However toes will be kept warm on the hills or in the city streets. To help overcome the problem of a good calf fit pull-on designs called slouch boots will eliminate the need for zippers. Ankle-biters (ankle boots à la Victorian times) are also tipped to be popular and guaranteed to show off lots of leg. Hence they are decked out with laces, embroidery, bows, buttons, buckles, fur or fringe trims. It makes practical sense to look after your boots, especially when walking in snow and slush. Most fashion boots are not water proofed so it pays dividends before setting forth to prepare your boots with an all protector spray specific to the material they are made from. Once you remove your boots always wipe away excess dirt and grim and use a salt and stain remover regularly. It is important to dry out the boots but do not put them on a radiator ot near the fireplace or in the mirco-wave to speed up the process. The upper materials must dry at room temperature to avoid hardening and cracking. Use a boot tree to store your boots over night because this keeps their shape. Alternatively crumpled newspaper can be used to fill the foot compartment of the boot and a rolled up magazine for the leg. If you have smelly feet, weak solution (3%) of formaline can be sprinkled onto the newspaper to fumigate the boot, overnight. Medicated powders are also available from the pharmacist. Always polish the upper of the boot with recommended polish to feed the material and maintain its suppleness.

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