Friday, April 14, 2006

Hi there fashion victims

If you are a consumer who wants lifestyle footwear, then try Zoo York . Under its parent company, Mark Ecko , Zoo York has become as a prominent lifestyle brand in the lucrative extreme and board sport industries. New York graffiti artists and skateboarders have been loyal consumers but now the spectrum includes BMX, motocross and board sport enthusiasts. The new range of Zoo York were debuted on The Shoe Show and MAGIC last month with the big sell towards the Back-to-school market in the United States and select countries around the globe. The big push has come from Skechers USA, Inc, the global leader in lifestyle footwear who recently announced a licensing agreement to design, develop and market men's footwear worldwide for lifestyle brand Zoo York. Since Angelina Jolie was seen in a bright red pair of Hunter Original Wellingtons in the movie Mr and Mrs Smith , stores have been turning out wild variations of the rainy-day accessory. Now Wellington rubber boots are available in an array of colours, and some with a charitable cause. Light pink wellies are sold and a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. Sales of the pink boots in the US have been very successful. The Hunter Originals are available on the company’s Web site, and actually do have some functional features like anti-bacterial lining and orthopaedic soles. In the US Target has over 20 different rain boots in wild patterns and colours available on its Web site, all reasonably price. With everything from stars to psychedelic swirls, Target has cornered the market on outrageous footwear. There are even wellies with heels available on eBay made by Banana Republic . The rise of the wedge shoe is more than likely going to herald the return of the platform, possibly boots in the winter season (Northern Hemisphere). Some designers are beginning to experiment already with platform wedges. The fashion may have been spawned by the fabulous film “Memoirs of a Geisha.” and from what I have seen of the shoes look distinctly chopanic in nature. Wedges and platforms give the leg extra length which gives palpitations not just to the crurofile but also the foot police who will condemn them at first sight.

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