Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mercedes Fashion Week, Sydney, Australia

It is the Mercedes Fashion Week, Sydney, Australia, this week. The A List was treated to leggie lovelies and the model strutted their stuff. Usual compeer Peter Harvey was replaced by Sixty Minutes (Australia) veteran Richard Carleton who decided to become a fashion doyen himself, by sporting shoes without socks. It is not anticipated to catch on. Perhaps the anchor man had just returned from Japan where there is something fishy going on at a hot spring bath in the resort area of Hakone. It seems tiny fish enjoy the taste of toes and thrive on eating the old, dried and calloused skin off of people’s feet. The fish which are extremely rare are known as Doctor Fish but are not piranha, but tiny members of the carp family instead who enjoy eating human skin. Operators of a hot spring theme park have released about 1,000 Doctor Fish in a bath within their facility. Punters are flocking to dip their tootsies into the water and squeal with peals of laughter as the fish nibbles their feet. The fish are native to hot springs in West Asia, and were given the “doctor” moniker due to the popular belief that the fish help in treating skin ailments.

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