Sunday, April 23, 2006

Occupational (sore) feet

Casino Foot
This painful condition was first described by Leonard Hymes in 1981. In a survey he found 85% of casino workers complained of painful feet related to their job. The condition he attributed to muscle strain from long periods of standing leading to reduced circulation with eventual strain on the facial bands of the foot. Hymes found gamblers, dealers, security guards and waitresses were all at high risk from Casino Foot. Waitresses were at greatest risk in most part due to high heeled shoes which was often a dress requirement of the job. He estimated waitresses walked 15-20 miles during a shift and this was usually dome in very high heeled shoes which would adversely affect posture and basic foot comfort.

Policeman's (or Posties Heel)
To give this condition its right title we can call it, subcalcaneal bursitis. People who walk for a living and spend most of the working day on their feet are particularly prone to these symptoms. Pain on the heel of the foot, localised swelling with evidence of a local acute inflammatory action. Mainly arise due to overuse and will symptoms will quickly respond to rest and treatment.

Hosties Foot
Flight attendants who suffer swollen feet and dry skin in pressurised aircraft cabins can now claim deductions for shoes and pantyhose worn on board the aircraft. The skin surface is adversely affected in pressured cabins where there is definite lack of humidity. The regular application of moisturizer would be indicated but no tax deductions can be made for makeup.

Disco Foot (aka Ravers/Clubbers Foot)
Yes when John Travolta was championing the cause and inviting us to take to the dance floor, a crop of painful foot injuries were reported. Disco foot has similar symptoms to Trench Foot. A condition of flat feet due to complete collapse of the ligaments and tendons. The boom time for dancer’s foot was in the thirties with marathon dancing competitions. It was during this time that arch supports gained popularity.

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