Monday, April 10, 2006

Wedges are in !

After too many seasons of precariously balancing on skinny stilettos, women are happily welcoming back the wedge this spring. Wedges elongate the leg and add a few inches to stature they are arguably less likely to cause a twist to the ankle and spread the load across the foot making them more comfortable and easier to walk in. Now deemed safe by the foot police we have not enjoyed such luxury since the Mary Jane was in vogue. Wedges are in fashion and available in a variety of styles including wood, cork or ballerina styles, mules or espadrilles. Last season’s citrus colours are out while natural tones to match clothes are replacing them on the fashion mavens. Spring clothing are made form lighter fabrics, brighter colors, and with an emphasis on freedom of movement. Women's clothing this season is based on simpler designs with bright, bold accessories to pull it all together. No more easy slip-ons tho’ the new range requires a lot of fastening, braiding and wrapping (gladiator sandals style). The upper of the shoes are made from sturdy materials like linen and peek toes have gone replaced by peep toes. Decorative assessories like fringe, bast, wood pearls, shells or straw are a must but glitter is out. Gladiator sandals are tipped to become vogue and are based on the shoe designs of the ancient Romans ultra flat and laces that sometimes come to just beneath the knee. Moccasins are another alternative for people who like flat soles. The natural look is also giving wooden clogs (sabot a flat model with no back) a revival, which will return this summer, echoing the classic Swedish original. Flip flops are no longer for stepping out and should be kept only for beachwear or the pool. Pointy tips are out for slightly higher class pumps, and rounded models with light, sometimes even transparent, materials in pastels are in. Clunky basketball boots have finally come and gone replaced with streamline sneakers more like soccer slippers and true fans will show their club or nation loyalty with their feet. Sometimes large, sometimes discreet, but always clear, the designers have added the colours of the national flags to their shoes. The founder of Sandal Solé , Lisa Mosley offers a collection of footwear with Caribbean flair. Sandal Solé shoes include sequin-studded mule sandals, slide sandals, and casual sandals all of which exude colour of the Caribbean. Mosley's "Nation Flag" line shoes are decorated with the flags of the Caribbean including the Virgin Islands, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Puerto Rico. The shoes have been designed to appeal to all age groups and can be worn casually or elegantly. The wedges complement jeans and a T-shirt or can be worn with a semiformal dress. The footwear is ideal for both day and the evening wear. Giorgio Armani has now made a deal with Japanese high-tech sneaker brand Mizuno to create a new fashion-forward footwear collection. The new collection is scheduled to be seen this June in his men’s wear show. Armani is the latest to join an elite group of designers who have created fashionable sneakers with international sports brands. Jil Sander and Neil Barrett have made a limited series of sports shoes with Puma and Yohji Yamamoto developed avant garde sneakers with Adidas, a collaboration that later developed into their joint fashion label Y-3. Armani is convince their new collaboration will be a bit different and with a commercial reach infinitely larger than any of the others designers, looks to be a commercial success.

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