Wednesday, October 25, 2006

High Heel Confidential (CBC)

What is it about footwear that drives such madness, secrecy and obsession? To many, no price is too high, no sacrifice is too great for the greatest love of all: Shoes.

Look out for High Heel Confidential (CBC) an interesting documentary which looks into the world of high heels and the passion surrounding them. Shoes are hot: in 2004, sales generated close to $40 billion in the US alone and this year, that number is expected to rise another 20 per cent. This lucrative market is now shadowed by a growing underworld of fakes and knock-offs that are consumed almost as eagerly as the originals. Some women are so mad for shoes they’ll reshape their feet and destroy their bank accounts to satisfy their obsession. High Heel Confidential travels the globe to bring viewers interviews with the world’s top designers, including shoe superstar Manolo Blahnik, whose rare public appearances draw groupies more typical of a rock band than a shoe designer. Viewers will also women who line up for hours, eager for a chance to meet the shoemaker of their dreams and, of course, buy his exquisite shoes, which can cost as much as $7500 a pair.
Viewers will also meet Patrick Cox, who thinks he has what it takes to play in the big leagues. Stepping out with his own brand of high heels, Cox takes High Heel Confidential behind-the-scenes for a revealing look at the trials and tribulations of an ambitious designer on the cusp of stardom- from courting international buyers in Paris to wooing celebrity clientele in Hollywood.
The show also takes a walk in Dublin, Ireland - a gateway for smuggled goods into the European Union. Custom officials give the lowdown on a shipment of fake Guccis on their way to consumers’ feet. The show also looks at women who are obsessed about high heels. There’s no telling the heights they’ll climb for them, including cosmetic surgery to shape the ideal foot. And then there are the women just need their heels to make a living, from the fetish heels of Toronto dominatrices to Las Vegas shoe models

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