Sunday, October 01, 2006

In short: Shoes for the long and the tall

Women with long feet experience considerable difficulty in finding shoes, especially when their feet are either too broad or too narrow. An excellent resource is Tall Person’s Club London, UK. Part of the problem is not that there are not the shoes around; more the storage in retail outlets is restricted. Fortunately specialist retailers exist but tend to be found in bigger cities. Access by internet has made things much easier and many people make use of the net to buy their shoes. In London there are several shops catering for large sizes. Many outlets are found in Chiltern Street which lies parallel to Baker Street, near Madame Tussauds. Crispins Shoes offer a mail order service and specialise in larger sizes with narrow fittings. Magnus Shoes has a large selection of ladies shoes in sizes 8 to 12 and men’s 12-16 and do a mail order service and sell a limited number of styles online. Totally Large Shoes offer a range of stylish and comfortable shoes (UK sizes 7-11 for women). Tall Girls stocks 9-11 in fashionable and affordable shoes. Evans on Oxford Street go up to 11 in wide fittings.

Other UK stockists carry larger sizes and may also have on-line services.
Amazona style Brantano .
Cinerellashses Dublin
Faith Shoes UK
Home Shopping Direct UK.
Long Tall Sally sizes up to 11.
Steptall UK
Girls of

US Websites have now teamed up with Long Tall Sally
Friedman’s Shoes US.
Shoes of Prey
Special Feetures

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Hello, Great information for us tall girls with big feet! Another great site is: - more designer shoes in UK sizes 8-12 (US 10-14)