Saturday, December 16, 2006

adidas Origins

Adidas have opened their second adidas Originals store in Toronto. The first store was in Vancover and together the join a growing band of outlets for adidas Originals On sale at 389 Queen Street West (the fashionable end of Toronto shopping),is adidas 'old-school' footwear, retro remakes, edgy street apparel and hip accessories for men and women or so the press release says. Collectors will love the store and it is in a city which plays host the Bata Shoe Museum, so they not have to go to authenticate their purchases. In the store are celebrity-branded adidas Original collections, including Muhammad Ali, Missy Elliot and Carlo Gruber with a cache of signature adidas Original items displayed on T-Shirt and tank walls. The Toronto store joins Originals stores located in Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Berlin, Milan, New York (NY), Chicago (MI), Berkeley (CA), Philadelphia (PA), South Beach (FL), Los Angeles, Cambridge (MA), Georgetown (DC), Portland (OR), Paris and Vancouver.

Here is a rapper bound to have some advice to offer to all sneaker freakers

Gangsatpod Podiatrist and Rapper.

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