Friday, December 29, 2006

Ner'day Casual in Uggs

The weather forecast for Hogmanay in Edinburgh is cold and windy (what’s new for Old Reekie?). Keeping cosy is critical during the long wait and making sure hands, feet and nethers are especially well protected, essential. Not a night for ‘fur coat and no knickers,’ thermals are definitely the way to go for the Princess Street revellers. Cashmere knickers and matching socks are a goer and thanks to Marks & Spencer, thermals no longer need to be passion-killers. Their silk thermals marry convenience with chic. A knitted hat, scarf (preferably Hearts) and sheep skin gloves are essential and on the feet , well there is no substitute, Uggs hit the right spot and keep you warm, warm, warm. Just a perfect ensemble with a nice pair of tight jeans and sheep skin jacket. So you should be able to spot me in the crowd. Have a fab and safe, Ner’day celebration.

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