Sunday, December 17, 2006

Starbury One : Cheap kicks?

Basket ball player Stephon Marbury is promoting a new signature shoe that costs just $14.98 (US). The basketball star who plays for the New York Knicks will not be paid for endorsing the new shoes, but instead shall be compensated based on how well they sell. This unusual arrangement may prove to be the most clever commercial deal in the history of “Show me the money.” The Starbury One, NBA quality sneaker was designed by sports-gear design firm Rocket Fish in Portsmouth, for Steve & Barry's University Sportswear and are reported to be the same as more expensive kicks on the market. The once maverick player wants to leave a legacy as his 10-year career draws to a close and last year worked with shoe designers to release the cheap but serviceable basketball shoe. Marbury grew up in a poor Coney Island hood, one of seven children, commendably he wants to use his celebrity to support low price kicks which are trendy and affordable for the low socio-economical African American families and their sons who buy most of the basketball shoes that are sold in the US. The marketing team behind Starbury One launched their low-cost product with a low key promotion which involved Marbury spending a month touring the US signing his shoes for kids. Stephon Marbury travelled to 40 US cities in 17 days to promote the shoe. Their nich direct approach seems to have paid off with an estimated 3 million pairs sold. Many commentators are now reappraising their view of the once surly player and believes he mirrors Starbury One’s characteristics of being accessible, conscientious and humble. Other Starbury shoes are in development and more than 50 other low-priced sportswear items now carry the Starbury logo.

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