Saturday, January 27, 2007

Casual Friday: Where have all the sneakers gone?

In the new age of self awareness office types are confidently choosing to outfit themselves from fashion ideas depicted in the media, or so we are told, by the people who study these things. The new conflict for the work place fashionista is how far they can get away without violating the old standards of business dress. After all to be branded a sartorial deviant can and does adversely how far the you climb the corporate ladder. Talent alone is not enough and you must encase yourself in the proper attire. Executive fashion watchers caution business casual is an oxymoron, and their advice is to dress to impress at all times with the codicil, wear accessories that match the color of your shoes. Sneakers may be blue chip investments but wise to leave them at home workdays, if you want to complement the business suit. The strong message from executive dress etiquette is never white socks if you want a promising career. The sentiments of POET’s (Piss off early tomorrow’s Saturday) Day were embraced into loose sartoria for office workers in the 90s as Dress Down Friday (Casual Friday) was introduced. The intention was to encourage near euphoria in the work place as the thought of weekend diversions neared. “TGIF” (Thank God It’s Friday), or thank Crunchie, its Friday has become passé as we work longer hours in a no-frills business environment, where always be presentable is a byword. More’s the pity.

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