Saturday, January 06, 2007

Crocs™ have a rival: Cloggens™ Shoes

New 3d™ technology from Cloggens™ Shoes had helped create shoes with three specific densities for comfort, fit and durability incorporating C-Forma™ material into their multiple-injection process. The Portland, Ore company was started in October 2005 and manufactures lightweight, hard wearing shoes. Now a serious contender to Crocs ™ the Cloggens Pada is the first molded shoe developed using 3d technology and will be available later this month. The new shoe combines outsole-grade C-Forma material for superior durability and skid-resistance with a second, softer formula on the upper and mid-sole for maximum support and an enhanced fit. A third density in the ultra-soft removable Comfasoles™ insole provides the ultimate in comfort and cushioning. The new range is available in an array of dual-color designs and sizes for men, women and children. The Pada is made from a lightweight, durable and easy-to-clean patented C-Forma material and includes Comfasoles footbeds to absorb sweat. An anti-bacterial and anti-microbial upper is odor-resistant and offers maximum cooling and comfort with strategically placed venting in the toe box. According to the manufacturers the Cloggens' cupped heel ensures there is no friction between the heel and shoe and gives protection and stability. The heel strap’s proprietary design includes snaps to easily detach the strap for added versatility. A durable, abrasion-resistant, non-marking outsole incorporates Cloggens’ distinctive lug pattern to prevent slipping and increase traction.

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