Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Featherlight Footwear

Pietro Yanturni (Yantorny) was a New York shoe designer in 1920s. He made feather light shoes which took between two to three years to make. Working from a foot cast he molded featherlight shoes to the casts. According to Cecil Beaten, one Yantruni shoe weighed no more than one ostrich feather and that was complete with its tree. He took meticulous measurements so each shoe would fit like a sock. He made shoes in precious milky silks and decorated them with diamante buckle which became his trademark. His shoes enjoyed a vogue for only a sort time but he did have many high profile international clienteles. He boasted of being “The most expensive custom shoemaker”, and would not accept a commission unless paid a thousand dollars (US) in approval. He was never short of customers and it is thought Rita de Acosta Lydig had 300 pairs made by the master craftsman. Some of the collection was made from 12-century velvet, some of lace appliqué, others of brocade or gold and silver metal tissue. Each shoe was perched on Louis style heels. Mrs Lydig collected violins so that Yanturni could use the delicate wood to make shoe trees.

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