Tuesday, January 30, 2007

From Trash to Flash: from Junk to Funk

Haute couture is always tricky and until flip flop-friendly weather arrives the prospect of transitional footwear for late winter fashion is more than likey. Best dressed feet in the Spring may be seen in peep toe wedges, nothing wrong with a but of toe cleavage and wedges are in style at the moment. Flat heeled boots are also chic and can be worn in all colors (yellow and pink are the colour of the season) and heights. Ballet flats are fashionable as are slip-on sneakers with many people buying them in different designs. Navy blue and white in polka dots and stripes are definitely the colours to have. Rain boots are also a good seller this season with fashionable Wellingtons very much the focus for the fashionista who clamber to be photographed in the mud wearing the latest styles. Refashioned: From Waste to Wear is a free event on Tuesday 15 February supported by SITA Trust and Defra. The Science Museum’s Dana Centre will play host to a catwalk fashion show which will highlight the best recycled fashions from five of the most stylish designers in the eco-fashion business. Each designer will also host workshops demonstrating how to turn reused and recycled materials into modern‚ cutting edge designer clothes and accessories. You can view events on webcast

From Somewhere This design label uses high quality off-cuts‚ end of roll and damaged fabrics from the textile industry to produce exquisite‚ vintage-style ladies’ fashions.

AGaIn NYC – The brainchild of Allison Teich‚ AGaIn NYC turns junk into funk. Her wonderful bags come from rescued and repurposed materials and her designs will be seen at London Fashion Week.

Rebecca Earley is a green fashion designer and curates fashion shows and runs a Textile Environment Design group at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her Top 100 shirts will be paraded on the Dana catwalk and she will run a workshop looking at how to ‘up-cycle’ recycled materials by using innovative new technologies.

Worn Again produce stylish footwear and accessories made out of used clothes‚ coffee bags and scrap leather. Worn Again will be running a workshop focusing on all the different types of materials they use‚ how they go about getting these‚ and the challenges of producing a shoe that is 99% recycled.

TRAID Remade is the spin-off fashion label from TRAID‚ textile recycling charity. They will have items on the catwalk and will also be hosting a clothes swap stand – where people can swap their unwanted garments‚ with all the left-overs going to be recycled.


Data Shredding said...

Would it not be better if all the shredding companies worked with document imaging companies to reduce and recycle as must paper waste as possible

The Shredding Alliance said...

I completely agree if imaging companies and recycle companies came together they would have a much large impact on the overall paper saving.