Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just say no to Blunnies: A vote with their boots

Voting with feet is an old saying but Australia's construction workers have threatened to boycott Blunnies (cow-leather, elastic-sided boots made by Blundstone ). The Hobart boot factory is set to shut its doors after 137 years of operation with another factory in New Zealand soon to close as the company takes its factories overseas. The decision to move to Thailand and India has been financial but up to 350 jobs in Tasmania and 60 in New Zealand are set to go with the closures. Of course news of the move is a bonus for Thai workers and Thai families, the company investors and international consumers. The boots are very popular in the US. Globalisation kills local culture and all in the name of cheaper commodities for the wider community. When will we ever learn?
Meantime CFMEU are encouraging Australian construction workers to boycott Blunnies, if and when the company move takes place. An estimated 500,000 Australasian construction workers are thought to wear Blundstones boots.

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