Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sneaker Painters (Splatterers)

Sneaker brands, always responsive to their customer’s whims, have obliged by offering limited-edition models with plain designs ready for customization. A new pair of plain sneakers is similar to a blank canvas for people who splatter them and Sneakerheads view the finished product as fine art, and are willing to pay top dollar to own a pair. Sneaker graffiti is about self expression and unlike tagging your turf, you wear it. This act is quite defiant because splatterers show they are not passive consumers of commodities manufactured by others. Wearing customized shoes is no different to slogan clad t-shirts, only potentially more friendlier. Joey Freeman and Jeromy Bailey are sneaker painters and run a business called One Out of One . They paint original designs and colour patterns on sneakers and it is often a labour of love which is thankfully appreciated by their customers who are guaranteed to have unique pair of shoes. Painting intricate designs like tiny checkerboard takes a careful eye, steady brushstrokes and infinite patience.
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