Monday, January 15, 2007

Vegan is chic

I am sure it was the ancient Icelanders who ate their shoes rather than discard them when they wore out. The shoes were made of fish skin and converted perfectly to a nutritiously refreshing fish skin broth when boiled in water. Other erotic flavors might reflect what serendipitously stood on, but that is another story. Vegan clothing is becoming most popular with many women clamoring for clothing which are earth and animal friendly. Vegan" is "chic" when it comes to clothing manufactured free of animal products or heavy chemical processing and dyes. Ecology minded fashion labels are now featuring natural fibres and imitation-leather goods on their on-line stores and they are selling like hot cakes. Increasingly as vegans seek fashionable clothing the vegetarian market is considered is expected to grow with companies including Vegan Essentials, Mooshoes and Freerangers , all offering high fashion imitation-leather footwear for men and women.

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