Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wearable technology to up-skirt?

A Melbourne man was accused recently of using a video camera in his shoe to take snaps up the skirts and dresses of women on public transport. Apparently the perpetrator had allegedly used an elaborate system involving a camera in his shoe connected to a cord that ran up his leg underneath his trousers to a black and grey Nike bum bag. The bag was linked to a running video camera, which police believe was used to take pictures of victims so they could be matched with images taken by the shoe camera underneath their skirts and dresses. After a complaint was made a police warrant for a home search revealed a large amount of photographic material, equipment and evidence. The man later admitted to having taken the footage over four years and prosecution now pends. Stalking crimes appear to be on the increase globally and availability of new technology is likely to exacerbate matters further. For many years mirrors strategically placed about the shoe were used by Hong Kong voyeurists.

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