Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wellies come in from the cold

Ted Turner recently wore a pair of the leather, knee-length boots to a New York fashion show. Gummies designed to weather rugged terrain and unpredictable weather are now comfortable enough to wear while shoveling snow or jumping in puddles. So fashionable have wellies become, the UK footwear company Hunter are celebrating their 150 anniversary with the release of three new colours: pumpkin, chocolate and merlot. So things have come a long way since Amazon Indians dipped their feet and legs`in latex to produce makeshift watertight leggings which protected skin against thorns and insect bites. The original Wellington boots were made from leather and worn by the Iron Duke at the Battle of Waterloo. His foot attire took the public imagination and reference was made to this in a William Thomas Moncrieff play (1817). People started to wear rubber vulcanized Wellingtons from 1851, a year before the Duke died.

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