Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Boots for me in 2007

Is Cuma le fear na mbrog ca leagann se a chos
The man (sic person) with the boots does not mind where he places his feet.
Celtic Proverb

Boots are the only footwear to have reached the moon and aliens seeking evidence of life elsewhere in the universe would find boots floating in space, a major clue to bi-pedalism. Here on Earth boots have become fashionable again and styles have never been so diverse, with a choice of footwear shapes that range from 80s-inspired shoe-boots to over-the-knee equestrian numbers. Whether it is the iconic Uggs, the Mukluks, Valenky, cowboy boots and Kinky Boots, they are all available this year. Pluralism prevails with pointed and round toes sharing the catwalk and the elegant comfortable in flat, wedge, stiletto or coned heels. So what’s new? Well it is the emphasis on pluralism and the new phenomena that a myriad of styles should share the limelight simultaneously. This means the fashionista are willing to have not just a large wardrobe of haute couture but also a range of eclectic styles. The new kid on the block is the return of the 80s shoe-boots which are thought to be neat, stream-lined and suit anyone and any outfit. Another revival is the flat riding boot, presumably inspired by the military trend the boots complement the boho look which continues to prevail. In the 19th century, Wellington boots took the public imagination after the Duke wore them at the Battle of Waterloo. The fashion started in 1851 as a mark of respect to the National Hero, a year before the Duke died. Touch of the Emma Peel is also about too with a return of the knee length boots tucked into trousers and worn with heels and rounded toes. Olive green and purple are the colours of the season but the classics, in distressed leather or suede with stacked heels will still get you noticed.

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