Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Democratizing fashion: yuk!

Democratizing fashion is a new term which describes cheaper trainers. I certainly have no problem with that, but the idea companies and individuals are now making it trendy to buy cheap decks is both patronising and offensive. In any event Payless ShoeSource Inc. (Discount shoe retailer) has joined with Exeter Brands Group LLC, a subsidiary of Nike Inc. to market a high-performance sneaker ($34.99 US) under the Tailwind collection, while Payless will serve as the exclusive retailer. Nike created Exeter to establish a niche in the low-price athletic shoe market and carries brands such as Starter and SHAQ, a basketball shoe. The Tailwind collection are consider more up market and consist of five styles but plans are to wide the range in the future. Nike's athletes Brandi Chastain , 38, a World Cup champion; Hope Solo, 25, Olympic soccer goalie and Logan Tom, 25,an Olympic volleyball are the spokeswomen for the brand and will be featured in its marketing materials and videos.

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