Thursday, February 01, 2007

Twins Artista

In 1977, the then most expensive dress appeared at a fashion show at the Ritz , Paris. Made by Schiaparelli the evening gown which contained 516 diamonds was thought too extravagant to find a matching pair of shoes. The model went barefoot. Elsa Schiaparelli liked her shoes and had Andre Perugia make her boots which were trimmed with monkey fur, she also collaborated with Salvador Dali to create a hat shaped like a high heeled shoe. Spanish footwear firm Camper is an old well established firm but has broken new ground with shoes that are definitely different. Mismatched shoes are a collection filled with creativity, imagination and a fantasy that proves that there is a different way of walking. Designed by Majorcan artist, Tatiana Sarasa, the shoes are a pair but have different designs from left to right. Sarasa’s collection is called Twins Artista and represents counter fashion alternative to off the peg designer shoes. Like in all Twins each shoe has its own personality, but when part of a pair, they represent a scene which makes them indivisible and self aware trendy Europeans cannot get enough of them. Designs include rustic designs and a map where shoe features an arrow with the words ‘estoy aqui’ meaning "I am here". One shoe is properly laced and the other one has laces aslant. Salvatore Ferragamo designed over 20,000 different shoe styles but I am sure they were all matching pairs.

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