Tuesday, February 06, 2007

K-Spray Custom Kicks

On display in December 2006 at the K-Spray Custom Kicks finale was a showcase of sneaker and street art sponsored by K-Swiss, blunt magazine and Sportscene. Local artists were given the opportunity to show their works, using K-Swiss sneakers. Wes van Eeden , won the South African competition for shoe design, incorporating a blue elephant character and the message “Keep Hope Alive” in various South African languages. Wes won the R15,000.00 ($2,084.56 US) prize and a styling wardrobe injection from the five-striped footwear brand. Los Angeles-based stencil artist Logan Hicks continued his international endorsement of the K-Spray concept, by flying into SA to perform a live stencil installation on the night, as well as selecting the final winner from the Top 10 K-Spray entries.

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