Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Starbury Team Basketball Shoe

Stephon Marbury has a dream and that is to make high quality, affordable sneakers and clothes available to kids and parents. That dream came true when last August, the Starbury Collection (including the $14.98 (US) Starbury One basketball sneaker that NBA star has been wearing during games), went on sale to popular acclaim. The shoes were sold exclusively through Steve & Barry™ stores, NY. The latest edition to the Collection, the Starbury Team Basketball shoe was on show on Tuesday night, when the New York Knicks meet the Los Angeles Clippers at Madison Square Garden . Stephon will be wearing the latest trainers and intends to stick with them for the whole season. The Starbury Team was designed by Rocketfish, who previously worked with Marbury and Steve & Barry™ to create the Starbury One. The shoe will retail at $14.98 (US), which is excellent value for a shoe which boosts of the same features as other top brands which retail up to $200 per pair. The new Starbury Team Basketball shoe will be available at Steve & Barry™, NY next month. The Starbury One continues to be available which is always a good sign with sports shoes and indicates it is a popular brand in a market where ranges have a limited shelf life. Contained within the Starbury Collection are other inexpensive accessories including jackets, jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, athletic tops and shorts, a work boot, and hats.

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