Monday, February 12, 2007

Rotten Sneakers

Berkeley Sound hero, Frank Zappa appears to have the solitary honour (and courage), to sing about sweaty feet. Teen years can suck, especially when you are dealing with pimples and smelly feet. Now the good news is these days pass for most of us and by middle age you wear a zit with the same pride you bore a hickie in your youth.

Living with smelly trainers, except for the owner, can prove a bit of a trial for all in close proximity. Shoes have their own odors, but sneakers tend to be the worst of all. No matter what ventilation system is claimed, the breakdown of perspiration by bacteria does honk. The cause of stinky feet is bacteria which lie on the skin and break down sweat giving off gases which are foul smelling. Depending on the bacteria genus will determine whether the smell is cheesy or just human.

In adolescence, hormones are working overtime and the combination of hyperactive teens, poor personal hygiene can result in smelly feet. Conditions apply and there are other causes. In any event regular removal of skin bacteria with soap and water, (something easier said than done with some pubescents); combined with frequent change of socks, as well as, washing trainers and or allowing footwear, to dry out, over night will reduce the pong.

Something which most of us are completely unaware of is within the human sweat are pheromones which may play a role in attracting the attention of the opposite sex. Now we have a good reason why we should not wash ourselves daily. Back to smelly feet, human sweat is absorbed into shoe linings and the process of bacteria breakdown continues to produce the gases. The damp warm atmosphere of a worn shoe is ideal for procreation of mirco-organisms with the humble trainers containing more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat. One good way to kill all micro-organisms without disturbing the surface of the shoe is to keep trainers in the bar fridge, over night. You can also freeze them in the freezer but always remember to defrost before wear. Washing trainers in the washing machine is also a precautionary option especially when the teenager can be parted from their kicks.

Another way to tackle the smell problem is to try stem the flow of perspiration with chemicals. Deodorants only masks smells, so antiperspirants are the group of products to use. Your pharmacist or general practitioner will advise.

Shoe inlays can also help with charcoal containing insoles particularly well proven as prevention e.g. Odor eaters . Foot powders can also help fumigate shoes and routinely changing shoes is another convenience which allows shoes to be aired.

The recent revolution in sock manufacture with the inclusion of nono-technology, has further boosted the fight against overproduction of sweat and smelly feet.

When all else fails discuss the matter with your foot physician.

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