Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sexy Slippers

By the end of the seventeenth century, gentlemen wore low heeled or heel-less mules as indoor slippers (slipshoes) decorated with fringes.

Ladies started to wear an adaptation of the Grecian sandal as the classic fashion took over. Low cut slippers replaced high heel pumps during the last years of the century. Women wore high heeled slippers of brocade, kid and velvet in light hues. They were often embroidered with gold and silver threads.

Buckles of gold and silver were decorated with imitations or precious gems were attached to the instep. Satin pointed toed, pumps with high spool heels became vogue in the middle of the next century. Later the shoe became less decorative and was made of plain kid or satin.

Rounder toes and lower heels were all the fashion between 1740-1790. Men's slippers were made of soft black leather or striped fabric. Ladies slippers were little more than leather shells laced over the instep and up the legs to the calves.

Slipper gaiters were worn to protect shoes/stocking outside.

Slippers were always associated with the bedroom and at first were ostentatious, flirtatious and shamelessly sexy shoes. By the early nineteen hundreds the Turkish style slipper was in vogue and men wore pointed vamp slippers with long smoking jackets.

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