Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bare Footin' : Au naturel

Society for Barefoot Living helps promulgate sensible barefoot walking as a perfectly natural activity as well as debunk the misinformation which seems to surround not wearing shoes branding it as an antisocial or illegal activity.

In ancient Rome wearing shoes (sandals) was the right of a citizen and all others, slaves and women went barefoot.

In the 26th and 17th century it was called the 'Irish Disease", and English aristocrats were criticised for posing for portraits in their bare feet. Barefoot Irish immigrants were marginalised and lampooned.

Appears we are have not changed and disdain and distrust of non-shoe wearers in modern society has almost reached paranoid proportions suffice it is now well near impossible to enter a privately owned public space, barefoot. Ironically there is no reason to implement such a dress code based on health alone. This includes trying on shoes in shoe stores without socks. The sartorial embargo has its origins in preventing people of low socio-economical strata for mixing with the middle classes. The same sumptuary laws extend to thongs and this has its origins in fear of cross dressers in “respectable society.”

In the last 20 years, athletic shoe marketing has moved emphasis well away from what their shoe can do for you (to achieve whatever), to what your foot can do naturally in their shoe. This was primarily driven by fear of customer litigation from false advertising. Most people who wear top of the line sports shoes are usually unfit and unlikely to score a gold medallion for physical effort, no matter what they wear.

Many celebrities are keen to be photographed in the all together and this often refers to their feet as well as their soft round wobbly bits. There is also a surge of singers, keen to warble in their baries, following in the barefoot traditions of sixties diva, Sandie Shaw. English soul (or should it be sole) singer Joss Stone performs sans footwear, as does Canadian opera singer, Measha Brueggergosman. Hawiian Jack Johnson is also known to bear his soles, too. Seems to be catching because it has been reported that several “Idol” crooners, prefer to perform in barefeet because according toJake Gold , a Canadian Idol judge, musicians find this more comfortable when moving around stage. They also feel bare feet are sexy.

Wobblers are not the only celebs to display their tootsies and Mischa Barton has been photographed barefoot in Malibu. Viggo Mortensen does his interviews in bare feet and Peter Jackson (director Lord of the Rings) has also been known to go au naturel pes-wise. Another bare foot man is interior designer Paul Lavoie.

No stranger to barefeet is Britney Spears , seen high and low without her shoes but it was also reported the A-lister stood on a hypodermic needle. Sadly, a risk all baries face in today’s society.

Fear not Reflexology to the rescue , you can now buy reflexology paths which allow you to glide effortlessly, barefoot over a range of smooth stones.


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