Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What are you doing with your feet on St Valentine's Day?

Flowers, chocolates and candlelight are more associated with St Valentine's Day than the well being and appearance of your feet, but this year you might like to give some thought to them. Clearly there are more romantic things than discolored toenails or skin that feels like sandpaper and according to experts, ugly feet sap self confidence. People who lack self-confidence, do not project sex appeal or so we are told. Partners can be understood when they draw the line and insist socks must be worn at all times. Nothing more unromantic into bed than your partner with their socks on , or so you might think. A study undertaken in Canada has revealed sock wearers are more likely to enjoy better sex, so there is hope for us all. Keeping the feet warm may enhance perfectly the function of the brain which controls relaxation and climax. So this Valentine's Day maybe the perfect time to take stock of feet and foot attire and an ideal gift for a loved one is to book them in for a pedicure, with a nail trim, skin scrape and massage. Complemented, of course with a nice pair of shoes and that way, you can keep your socks on.

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