Saturday, March 24, 2007

Celebrity Culture and Sarah Jessica Parker

Although the Echo Boomers believe they may have invented celebrity culture this would be a wrong premis. From the earliest of civilisation, there were always a chosen few, beautiful people who were adored and emulated in everything they did and wore right down to their very shoes. Many of today’s celebrities are all too aware of the commercial potential of their signature fashions and cash in accordingly. This is witnessed across the celebrity spectrum from basketball players to divas and actresses the latest to join the long line of “celeb to shoe designer” in Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex in the city ), her character Carrie Bradshaw may only have lived for her Manolo’s (Blahnik) but the actress joins a long line of would be fashion designers with her own collection of clothing, footwear and accessories. Now in partnership with the New York-based chain Steve and Barry's she is producing a high-quality clothing line that is affordable to the masses. Each piece will reportedly be $20 (US) and under. The new line will debut later this year under the name "Bitten." "Bitten"'s motto is: "Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right," and Ms Parker joins a growing band of celebs with a social conscience by appealing to the mid price fashionista. Of course it is just a marketing rouse but profit is profit and all the more enjoyable when ensureing your own immortality. This is the basis of all celebrity culture, after all. Other starlets involved in the same caper are Madonna (H & M) and Scarlett Johansson (Reebok).

Maybe they should all take a leaf from Stella McCartney's dad and give it away for nothing, after all, All you need is Love.

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