Sunday, March 25, 2007

Face Off new collection: Gametime Athletics

Gametime Athletics has expanded into the global fashion industry with the release of the Face Off, a footwear collection that personalizes a digital image of a face on each side of the sneaker and on the inside of the sole. The design strategy for the Face Off footwear collection was lead by Jamien Sills, Creative Director for Gametime Athletics and is targeted towards the youth marketplace with its cutting-edge fashion. Customised shoes is the ultimate extension of your personality according to Sills and the new Face Off shoe gives everyone a chance to be individual. Face off Collection is a multi-custom brand and includes the Lyric, a prototype sneaker that features a rapper's face and 16 bars of their hottest lyrics in a bottom of clear sole. The Lyric version of the Face Off, was engineered by Edward Bogard, Senior Designer at Gametime Athletics. Based in Memphis, Gametime Athletics previously released M-Town and Memphis Grizzlies shoe collections. The company has since expanded its offerings through global distribution networks as an attempt to contribute to the urban fashion culture with innovative designs and printing techniques. Gametime Athletics hope to release the Life Saver collection in the Spring.

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