Friday, March 09, 2007

Wearable Technology:Fashion in motion

CTIA-The Wireless Association is the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, and represents carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers. The CTIA Fashion in Motion runway show is a collection of the most innovative and creative products and prototypes in wearable wireless. This couture-style fashion show features the latest wireless devices, accessories, technical textiles, smart fabrics and fashions that are available, as well as a look at designs of the future. On exhibit at this year’s Fashion in Motion show from March 27-29 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando will be Sensitive Shoes. The intimate 'sensitive shoes' were designed by Steve McIntyre of Scentsory Design ® and contain sensitive pads that correspond with various reflexology points in the foot. Designed into the shoe is a cell battery led assembly which will light up when worn, and causes a gentle glow from the underside of the sole. There is a soft textured silicon cap to each column which corresponds with various reflexology points, once activated will give a micro massage to the point. The heel is placed around the small intestinal area of the foot. The ball of the foot point is near the solar plexus area - an important point as it is a 'grounding' reflex and is excellent to stimulate for relaxation.It is claimed the Sensitive Shoes stimulate pressure points in the feet while walking. The electronic elements are a replaceable and the battery, micro switch LED’s and battery holder fit in the front acrylic. Separate components of the shoe electronics will fit a different foot shape with small adjustments. According to Dr. Jenny Tillotson, director at the Innovation Center Central Saint Martins College the shoes have been created with the idea of "emotional wellbeing"

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